Bronx Residents Trust NY Cash For Houses | Here’s Why They Do

Bronx Residents Trust NY Cash For Houses | Here’s Why They Do

Reselling a home may seem like a daunting task at the outset, but it’s actually quite simple if you elect to pursue an ideal home-selling method. There are a variety of ways modern homeowners can resell their properties, and unfortunately the “traditional way”, which involves realtors or real estate agencies and a bunch of fees, is just not cutting it anymore, and this has inspired companies and individuals to fill the gap with a more ideal home-selling method. This method is, of course, the cash home-sale method, and it’s becoming more popular, not only in New York but across the globe. Thanks to leading homebuyers like NY Cash For Houses, the cash home-sale model is now widely accessible to a vast plurality of New York residents.

If you’re looking to sell your house as is and fast in the Bronx, we’re the professionals you should reach out to. We promise fair prices, no demands of repairs or renovations, experience, and flexibility, and in the following sections we’re going to go in depth and further discuss why the cash home-sale model is so ideal nowadays.

Remember: If you need to sell your house as is and fast in the Bronx, then NY Cash For Houses is the home-buying company you should contact. Get a free, quick estimate!

Who’s Buying Homes for Cash Nowadays

There are a variety of different investors operating in the cash-for-home industry nowadays. Buy-and-hold investors, for example, buy homes to use them as rental properties; these individual investors purchase and rent out properties to earn passive income. Additionally, there are institutional investors that purchase upwards of 10 rental properties in a year. Take Invitation Homes, for example, which is a subsidiary of Blackstone; it operates in 17 markets across America. In Q1 2019, 1.9% of single-family home and condo sales were to institutional investors, according to ATTOM Data Solutions. If you sell to buy-and-hold investors, you can arrange for a more flexible closing date, and you’ll likely receive better pricing than if you were to sell to a house flipper.

Why the Cash Home-Sale Model Is Preferred in 2020 by New Yorkers

The cash home-selling process is popular these days for numerous reasons. To begin, there’s no lender financing with the cash home-sale process. Selling your home to a cash buyer means you avoid home prep, showings, and staging hassles; this means you can arrange a flexible closing timeline to coordinate with the purchase of your next residence. NY Cash For Houses takes pride in it’s ability to streamline the selling process. If you’re looking to sell your house as is and fast in the Bronx, we’re standing by and waiting to help!

Reach out to us via phone, email, or through our website. We provide free, no-obligation estimates. New Yorkers trust us when they need to sell their homes quickly. Will you? Try us out now!

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