Can I Sell My House Fast in Astoria with No Realtor?

Can I Sell My House Fast in Astoria with No Realtor?

It’s a common misconception that you need a realtor when it comes time to buy and sell your home. People assume that they’re incapable of navigating the real estate landscape and getting the best possible deal during their property transaction. The reality is that when you suddenly realize:
“I have to sell my house fast in Astoria, Queens”, or anywhere else for that matter, a realtor can just end up delaying the process, and taking money of out of your pocket when you finally sign on the dotted line. NY Cash for Houses offers an honest, seamless and quick real estate transaction process that can have you getting cash for your house in no time. Call us today at 646 693-0575 to sell your home in Astoria now.

H2 – Advantages of Selling Your Home Without A Realtor

There comes a time during each and every residential real estate transaction where people must decide if they want to sell their home themselves or hire a realtor. Selling your home by yourself offers a variety of immediate and long-erm benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Make More Money – Selling your home by yourself allows you to save thousands in commissions by cutting out the realtor’s six percent award. Saving on commission is generally the most common reason why people choose to skip the realtor.
  • Sell Your House Now – Eliminating the intermediary gives you a direct line to the seller, and gives you clear and uninterrupted communication. This means that when you need to sell your home fast in Astoria, or anywhere else in Queens, you can get fast cash for your home. Perhaps you have a new job across the country and need to be out of your home soon, perhaps you just want to sell your home and get out from under it, whatever the case may be, speed can be your best friend.
  • Complete Control Over the Process

When you eliminate the realtor from your Astoria home sale, you call the shots. You don’t have to listen to anyone’s opinions about marketing, negotiations, price budging or anything else. You decide how you will price it, how you negotiate, how you prepare the home for sale or any other decisions. It’s all up to you. This can be an incredibly liberating factor when you’re selling your property, no matter where you live.

H2- The NY Cash for Houses Difference

There are, however, some drawbacks of skipping the realtor, particularly with an unscrupulous buyer. With NY Cash for Houses, this is never anything you have to worry about. We’ve spent the last ten years helping sellers in Astoria, Queens and throughout the rest of New York sell their homes for fast cash. Our experienced, qualified and reputable staff is ready to make you the highest possible offer on your Astoria property. Contact us today at 646 693-0575 or get started on our quick and easy three-step process. A better and more streamlined real estate transaction is just a few clicks away.

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