Cash for Your House with NO CO: Can I Sell My House Fast in Queens Village?

Cash for Your House with NO CO: Can I Sell My House Fast in Queens Village?

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is exactly what it sounds like: an official statement from accredited governing body (usually a township or municipality) that says a commercial or residential space is fit for human habitation. Generally speaking, these documents are considered fundamental to the sale or purchase of a home; however, they often require the completion of costly and unexpected repairs that, simply put, you don’t have the money for. One bad from a home inspection can tank event the most promising deals. There are, however, some instances in which the buyer can assume responsibility for the CO. If you’re looking get cash for your house in Queens Village, call NY Cash for Houses today at 646 693-0575 and ask one of our managers: “How can I sell you my fast?” or fill out our online form at

How Does “Buyer Responsible for CO” Work?

Buyer responsible for CO means that there is some significant issue that is stopping the municipality from obtaining a CO. This can mean any number of issues, from structural problems, to air quality to anything else. When a buyer obtains responsibility for the certificate of occupancy, it means they’re assuming responsibility for all the necessary repairs and subsequent inspections to ensure the space is habitable. When a seller attempts to sell a property without a CO, they will generally list the home “as is”, meaning that whatever repairs need to be made are to be the sole responsibility of the seller.

The Problem with Selling My House Fast with No CO

Anyone who has ever tried to sell a home without a CO, or even with significant repair issues, understand what a headache in it can be, if they manage to sell the property at all. The reality is that selling your home is difficult even under the best of circumstances. The average buyer is simply not prepared to, nor do they want to, deal with a project even if they’re getting the home for a significantly reduced rate. In the meantime, you’re stuck with a property that need significant repairs that you just can afford to make, on which you’re presumably paying a mortgage taxes, insurance and other expenses.

The Solution

While the average buyer may be ill-equipped to enter into an “AS IS” real estate agreement, NY Cash for Houses has the resources and willingness to work with all types of sellers. We buy houses in virtually all conditions, regardless of the level of repair they need. And we won’t try and low-ball you, either. We understand that, while your home may need significant repair, you’ve invested a great deal of time and money in it, and we’re ready to make respectable, competitive offer at fair-market value. The process starts with contacting our experienced and qualified managers for a viewing of your property. From there, we will make you an offer based on the condition of your home that you’re free to accept or reject. If you’re looking to sell your home fast in Queens Village, contact NY Cash for Houses today at 646 693-0575 or visit

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