Everything You Need To Know About Cash Real Estate Buyers

Everything You Need To Know About Cash Real Estate Buyers

The cash home-selling process has taken the real estate market by storm, upending the traditional realtor-based model that has long been the norm for decades. But it’s no surprise that such a phenomenon is happening: The cash home-selling method is more cost effective and hassle-free than the traditional home-selling avenue, so naturally savvy individuals are going to gravitate toward this option when the time comes to sell a home. Cash real estate buyers in the Bronx have been helping Bronx residents sell their homes and properties for years, and one of the leading homebuyers, NY Cash For Houses, is currently looking to provide seamless home-selling experiences to residents of the Five Boroughs and beyond.

Want to know more about cash real estate buyers and how they operate? Read through the sections below.

NY Cash For Houses wants to help you! Need to sell your house fast and for cash? Cash real estate buyers in the Bronx like us should be your go-to option when you need to sell a home quick. Get in touch with us today!

What to Expect From Cash Homebuyers

With cash homebuyers, you can expect a seamless process, and this is largely because the process is so simple. Whereas traditional home selling requires other parties such as realtors and lending institutions to be involved, the cash home-selling process often only involves the seller and the buyer. Therefore, if a buyer is presenting cash and willing to buy a home as is, there are really not a lot of ways for things to go wrong. Those who want to sell a house quickly particularly prefer cash buyers as these professionals prioritize speed, and cash real estate buyers in the Bronx have been helping New York residents sell houses quickly, no matter the condition. If a fair cash offer for a home you no longer need/want sounds very appealing right now, feel free to reach out to NY Cash For Houses, a premier NYC homebuyer.

What to Expect From a Buy-And-Hold Homebuyer

In most cases, buy-and-hold investors buy homes to use them as rental properties. There are individual investors who purchase and rent out properties to earn passive income, but also there are institutional investors that can purchase upwards of 10 rental properties in a single year. Take Invitation Homes, for example, which is a subsidiary of Blackstone; they operate in 17 real estate markets across America. In fact, ATTOM Data Solutions found that in Q1 2019, 1.9% of single-family home and condo sales were sold to institutional investors.

You need to sell your house quickly, so why not contact NY Cash For Houses? We’ll be your trusted real estate partner, helping you through every step of our simple home-selling process. Call us or send us an email so we can discuss your unique needs and requirements! We’ll provide a no-obligation estimate free of charge.

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