Here’s Why South Ozone Park Residents Are Packing Up And Moving

Here’s Why South Ozone Park Residents Are Packing Up And Moving

Are you worried that you won’t be able to sell your home in time? Do you need to raise cash quickly to pay for other important expenses? Then maybe you should consider the cash home sale avenue. Don’t think that this is an off-the-beaten-path method—there are many homeowners selling for cash right now, not only because it’s affordable but because it’s incredibly quick too. And when you’re trying to get up and move quickly, the cash home sale method is arguably best.

South Ozone Park residents have a specific benefit when it comes to the cash home sale method, and that is they can work with NY Cash For Houses, a leading home buyer that has been serving residents in and around the area for years. Our best-in-class services are widely preferred now, and we are committed to helping clients at every point in the home-selling process.

To have an affordable, fair, stress-free, and enjoyable home-selling experience, contact us. You can reach us via phone at (646) 693-0576 when you want to discuss your unique preferences and requirements with a cash home sale expert.

Fixer-Upper Homes Are Flying Off The Market Right Now

There are a variety of different investors operating in the cash-for-homes industry nowadays. Buy-and-hold investors, for example, buy homes to use them as rental properties. These individual investors purchase and rent out properties to earn passive income. Additionally, there are institutional investors that purchase upwards of 10 rental properties in a single year. Take Invitation Homes, for example, which is a subsidiary of Blackstone—it operates in 17 markets across America!

In Q1 of 2019, 1.9% of single-family home and condo sales were to institutional investors, according to ATTOM Data Solutions. If you sell to buy-and-hold investors, you can arrange for a more flexible closing date, and you’ll likely receive better pricing than if you were to sell to a house flipper. Fixer-upper homes are preferred nowadays by cash home buyers, and owners of such properties should seldom forget this reality.

House Flippers Are Looking To Scoop Up Properties And Turn A Profit

There are many individuals buying homes out there, and some have clear intentions while others are more secretive. For example, there are house flippers, and these professional homebuyers are often looking to purchase properties in any location so they can turn them for a profit. Minor repairs and renovations are not important to most house flippers, as these professional home buyers are only interested in selling properties and profiting off intrinsic home qualities, such as property size and structure value.

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