Is There A Catch to Selling My House Fast in Richmond Hill, Queens?

Is There A Catch to Selling My House Fast in Richmond Hill, Queens?

For decades, people have been buying and selling homes the same way. They decide they want to sell their property, or are compelled to by various different factors, they call a realtor, get a lawyer and start the process. This means getting their homes inspected, having people parade through their house making them low-ball offers, having to make unnecessary repairs and spend more money than they want to only to have to give their real estate agent a six percent commission. If you want to skip the expensive and time-consuming obstacles of the traditional home sales process, and are telling yourself: “I just want to sell my home fast in Richmond Hill and move on with my life, call NY Cash for Houses today at 646 693-0575.

What’s The Catch of A Fast Sale of My Home?

There is no catch with selling your Richmond Hill home fast with a company like NY Cash for Houses. People assume that if they don’t go the traditional route, that they’ll somehow get taken advantage of or not get as much money as they would have if they went through a realtor. The reality is, however, that you can end up pocketing thousands of dollars by not having to pay out commission fees. You don’t get taken advantage of. What you DO get, however, is a fair, honest and simple process that will get you the maximum cash for your house in the shortest possible timeframe.

Take it Or Leave It…

Another common misconception of the fast home sales process with companies like NY Cash for Houses is that they somehow contractually obligate you or trick you into accepting their offer. The reality is, however, that you’re more than welcome to accept or refuse our offer. Our experienced, qualified and trustworthy professionals will come to your home, view the property and make you an immediate offer that you’re more than welcome to refuse if it’s too low for your liking. We understand that homeowners are trying to extract the maximum value for their home, and we want to help you get there.

We also allow homeowners to skip the costly repairs that can delay the sale of their home, and keep them in properties they don’t want or can’t afford for years.

What Have You Got to Lose?

There’s no risk in discovering for yourself the potential benefits and drawback of partnering with a company like NY Cash for Houses to get fast cash for your home in Richmond Hill. We have been helping homeowners in the Greater New York City area sell their homes for over ten years, and have successfully sold and purchased over 10,000 homes in the area. Start the process today by calling us at 646 693-0575 or filling out our simple three-step online form. You’ll find out for yourself that there’s no catch to selling your home with us, but even if it’s not your cup of tea, knowledge is still power.

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