Sell My House Fast in Hillcrest: What Are Some of the Common Issues That Can Delay A Home Sale

Sell My House Fast in Hillcrest: What Are Some of the Common Issues That Can Delay A Home Sale

When you’re looking for fast cash for your home, the reality is that there’s no telling how long the sale will take. As much as control as we’d like to think we have over the traditional real estate process, there are any number of variables that can delay or even kill a sale. Sometimes, however, you don’t have the time to wait for these variables to play out and you need sell your home in Hillcrest fast. NY Cash for Houses has been committed to helping homeowners in Hillcrest, and the rest of Queens get the maximum amount of cash fast for their properties. If you suddenly realize “I need to sell my house fast in Hillcrest”, call us today at 646 693-0575 or visit

What Can Stop Me From Getting Fast Cash for My House?

The traditional real estate is so fraught with problems that perhaps a better question would be “What can’t stop?” There are multiple issues that could delay or kill a closing, not the least of which include:

  • Existing Liens of Debts – After you’ve accepted an offer, the title company involved with your home sale will perform a title search to identify any defects or “clouds” that cast doubt on the legitimacy of your title that may not have been disclosed.
  • The Dreaded Walk-Through – This can include any number of factors, including the absence of appliance to patchwork in the walls to repairs no being made on time. Once you negotiate any repairs in the process before closing, it’s critical that you ensure they’re done.
  • The Financing Fall-Through – It’s not uncommon for buyers to secure funding at the last minute before the closing happens. Unfortunately you’re at the mercy of the financial legitimacy and spending habits of someone else, so there’s not really any way to protect against this variable until the papers are signed.
  • Missing Paperwork – As frustrating as it sounds, simple document errors can easily derail months of negotiations, spending and preparations. Misspelled names, wrong addresses, and fees tacked on that you weren’t anticipating are all document errors that can be avoided from the start.
  • Buyer’s Remorse – Buyers sometimes get cold feet and let nerves get the better of them even hours before the closing. This is anther variable beyond your control, but you can get ahead of it, by making sure they have their deposit in hand.

How Can I Avoid All of these Problems and Sell My Home Fast?

You’ve heard the problems, now hear the solution: NY Cash for Houses. We have over ten years’ experience and have purchased over ten thousand houses throughout the Queens and Brooklyn. We are a committed and qualified buyer that is well-versed in the home sales process, and we’re determined to give you the best possible price on your property. Contact us today at 646 693-0575 or visit to visit our fast and easy online form. We will then arrange a visit to your property and make you an offer that you are free to accept or reject.

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