Sell property for cash NYC / New York

Sell property for cash NYC / New York

“I Want to Sell My House Fast in New York!” We Can Help!

Do you know the most frequent thing we hear from our clients? I want to sell my house fast in NYC but don’t know where. Truth be told, selling a house in New York is not an easy thing to do. You probably want to get the fair price for your property. You also don’t want to wait for months on end to get your money. This is why we are here to propose you a different approach. How do I sell my house fast in New York? Simple: you just call us and we’ll buy your property!


You Have Two Options

I really want to sell my house fast in NYC. We know! You basically have two options: you get in touch with a real estate agency and you ask them to try to sell the house for you, or you give us a call. The former is not the right choice in most cases. A realtor will ask you to repair your house and to clean it up thoroughly. The real estate agency will also take a fee or a commission. In other words, you will lose money and time twice. And frankly, it can take months for a real estate agent to sell your house in New York. We are not exaggerating this in any way, as you can quickly find out from the Internet.


We Are Your Best Choice!

So, what do I do when I want to sell my house fast in New York? Of course, you come to us! Well, you can just give us a call. You will require some details about the house you want to sell. We will then send one of our real estate experts to your property to inspect it. Don’t worry, we move very fast and this process will be done in just an hour or two! If everything is in order and if you like our offer, you will sign a sales agreement with our specialist. You will choose the closing date, of course. Furthermore, you are free to ask our expert any questions you have. He or she will explain everything to you in great detail.


You Can Sell Us Any House

Can I really sell my house fast in NYC? Yes, you can! We buy any house and you get the full amount. We will not list your property because we are not intermediaries. We are the actual buyers! This also means that you don’t have to pay us any fees or commissions. What we agree is what you receive, and not a penny less. Keep in mind that we even buy houses that are in foreclosure. As long as you own the property, we will be more than happy to buy it from you. We are investors with decades of experience in the NYC real estate market, so you can rely on us and rest assured that you will receive your money immediately after signing the paperwork.

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