Why Individuals Buy Homes For Cash | Why One Should Sell For Cash

Why Individuals Buy Homes For Cash | Why One Should Sell For Cash

The home-selling process is viewed differently by the vast plurality of individuals out there. Whereas some view the home-selling process to be a breeze, others regard it as a hassle-laden drag that costs a lot of money. For members of the latter camp, experiences with unscrupulous realtors or real estate agencies have largely informed their negative opinions, and this is unfortunate considering the realtor/real estate agent home-selling model is slowly on its way out the door in the real estate industry.

A reason for this trend has to do with the beneficial nature of the more ideal cash home-sale model. This cash-based model is beneficial to both buyers and sellers, and in the following sections we’re going to discuss these benefits in more detail. A reliable, fast house buyer in Staten Island can totally redefine the way you look at the home sale process, and this is why you should contact us here at NY Cash For Houses.

There’s no time to waste! Get in touch with us here at NY Cash For Houses and get your home sold fast and for cash. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation estimate. Get up and go in as little as two weeks!

Why the Cash Home-Sale Method Is Preferred by Homebuyers

As prices rise across major metropolitan areas, it’s becoming harder to purchase a home with cash in big cities. It’s also true that purchasing a home outright in cash can allow a buyer/investor to save and earn from purchasing in a highly popular area. In short, buying a home with cash can be advantageous in today’s market. The National Association of Realtors has found that close to 30% of home sales involve cash transactions, and across the globe 70% of homes are bought outright.

Cash transactions streamline the home-buying process, as no loans or complicated paperwork are involved; there are also no delays for mortgage approval. Cash buyers usually save on closing costs, bank appraisals, mortgage applications and fees, and title insurance too. There’s no risk of loan denial with a cash purchase, and one can avoid paying monthly mortgage payments this way. Cash buyers pay less for a home, as there are no loans and interest rates to worry about. Cash homebuyers don’t have to worry about mortgages and possible foreclosures from not being able to pay. Additionally, cash buyers convert their cash into valuable equity once they purchase a home.

Where Sellers Win With the Cash Home-Sale Model

If you need to sell your house quickly without paying for repairs and/or renovations, then contacting NY Cash For houses, a fast house buyer in Staten Island, will be your best bet. The cash home-seller benefits from the sale of a home just as the cash homebuyer does, so really there’s no need to wait!

Let NY Cash For Houses help you take the stress out of the home-selling experience. Get in touch with us today and discuss your unique requirements and preferences. We’ll provide an estimate free of charge.

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