Why The Cash Home-Sale Method Is Preferred In Staten Island

Why The Cash Home-Sale Method Is Preferred In Staten Island

While many individuals out there today believe that the home-selling experience is easier than the home-buying experience, this belief fails to tell the whole story. In fact, the traditional home-selling process is actually becoming less and less popular nowadays, and filling the gap is the cash home-sale method, which many homeowners and property owners (including those who live in and around New York City) value immensely.

But why is the cash home-selling model more preferred than the traditional model? Well this is a question that many homebuyers and property sellers hope to answer before they incur too many headaches and a bunch of unwanted costs.

In the sections below, the experts from NY Cash For Houses will discuss why the cash home-selling process is more ideal for residents of New York City. We buy houses in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, and many other first-rate destinations that are popular in New York.

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A Reliable Cash Homebuyer Like Us Will Buy a Home as Is

One of the most appealing aspects of the cash home-selling method is that the buyers typically purchase homes as is, which saves sellers the need to get costly renovations and/or repairs. While in the traditional method of selling a home, a realtor would encourage the home seller to incur extra costs on repairs so that the home has a better chance of being sold on the market, it’s been found that these repairs and renovations actually don’t do much to boost a home’s price in most cases. Therefore, these repairs and renovations serve as added expenses, and unnecessary ones at that.

With the cash home-selling method, you can sell a home as is with all the creeks and repairs needed, and this will not impact your sale. A cash home-buyer like NY Cash For Houses is mostly concerned with intrinsic value, and therefore we’ll look over some of the bumps and bruises in your home and still provide a fair value.

Time Is Saved With a Cash Home Sale

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to waste time, then you’ll prefer the cash home-selling avenue. This is probably the quickest way to get a home sold in 2020, and there’s no need to worry about applications, realtor screenings, appraisals, and anything else that takes a lot of unnecessary time. We’ll make a cash offer as soon as we can get a thorough view of the property, and if you accept our offer you can expect things to be finalized in a week or so.

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