Why Woodlawn Cash Home Sales Are Being Sought In 2020

Why Woodlawn Cash Home Sales Are Being Sought In 2020

If you need to raise cash quickly, you have only a few options this year. If you’re a homeowner, you could take out a reverse mortgage and draw equity from your property. Or, you could sell the property and use the cash to pay off expenses. While the former option is appealing to some, others don’t like it because interest rates don’t stay low forever. If you take out a reverse mortgage right now with a low interest rate, you will probably be paying a high interest rate later if you don’t pay off the loan in time.

Selling a house is the better option to many individuals, but even here you have a few choices. Will you sell the traditional way that involves realtors and mortgage companies, or will you sell to a cash home buyer that makes the process simple from beginning to end? In the sections below, we’re going to talk about why choosing a cash home buyer like us is a great idea.

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Cash Home Sales Are Nothing New

Handwritten signs that advertised, “We’ll buy your house for CASH!” used to be a common sight on telephone poles and freeway exits, but now many individuals are using the internet to sell a home quickly for cash. Yet in 2018, 91% of homeowners chose to list their houses with real estate agents. Of course agents can get a house prepped, staged, and ready for the market, and they can guide sellers through negotiations and closing, but they’re often expensive!

Then there are house flippers. They buy homes, typically those that are in poor condition and listed at low prices, with the intention of renovating and flipping them to turn a profit. ATTOM Data Solutions found that there were 207,957 homes flipped in 2018, which translates to 5.6% of all single-family home and condo sales. Homes that need significant repairs before they have a chance of being sold on the market are typically sold to cash home buyers, for these professionals will almost always buy as is.

Our Process Is Hassle-Free

One of the biggest benefits of the cash home-selling process is that it’s pro seller, especially when it comes to avoiding hoops and hassles. You see, a lot of home-sellers incur extra costs because they want to avoid difficulties whenever possible, but the process doesn’t have to be this way; in fact, with a cash home buyer, you can sell your home while avoiding costly renovations and repairs. Furthermore, a deal can be reached in as little as two weeks.

Working With NY Cash For Houses Is A Great Idea

There’s no time to waste! Work with NY Cash For Houses now so you can get cash for your house in Woodlawn. Call us at (646) 693-0576 to get a quick, free, and fair quote in less than 48 hours.

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